Working with Tasks B

Working with Tasks B Displaying summary tasks and WBS codes  - A work breakdown structure (WBS), is the project management term for a hierarchy of tasks. In this video tutorial, you will learn to break down tasks, and easily assign, track, and manage project work.

Linking tasks - To build a schedule, you need to put tasks into the right order. Task start or finish dates are usually determined by the start or finish dates of other tasks. In Project Management terms, these relationships are called task dependencies or task links. You will learn more about this in this video.

Setting task dates - Most of the time you want Project to calculate the schedule, but sometimes tasks need to occur on specific dates or have other kinds of date restrictions. Use this video tutorial to explore how.

Switching between manual and automatic scheduling - It is possible to switch between manual and automatic scheduled tasks. In this video you will see how easily this can be achieved.

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