Basic Excel Training

Ezee Training’s Basic Excel Training are suitable for beginners who wish to learn the basics of Excel. The videos are designed to provide an introduction and overview of the basic features of Excel.

What do you get in with Basic Excel training?

Basic excel training come with step-by-step instructions which are short, easy to understand and available online 24/7. Though the videos have been recorded using Excel 2007 version, the concepts explained are relevant to Excel 2010 and 2013 versions as well. To enable you to self-practice, the spreadsheet examples used in the video tutorials are available for download.

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Who needs Basic excel training?

  • Students learning MS Excel who wish to rehearse basic lessons learned in class.
  • Users who need to sharpen or upgrade their existing MS Excel skills.
  • People looking for quick help or answers to MS Excel related problems.

What you will learn?

On one hand Excel is very simple to use as far as handling data is concerned because of its grid nature, on the other hand it is a massive application with thousands of features and hundreds of commands. So it is vital to understand the functions of Quick access toolbar, working with Worksheets, etc. Further, the knowledge of formatting data, numbers and tables gives a better insight in arranging data systematically. Also, useful results can be obtained by calculating totals and summaries using formulas. All of this and many more features are included in our Excel Basic video tutorials.

Our Basics excel training's video tutorials cover the following content :-

Quick Access Toolbar
Working with Worksheets
Formatting Worksheets
Cell Referencing
Find and Replace
Formatting Text Numbers Cells
Copying and Clearing Formatting
Text Alignment Orientation (Merge Centre Wrap Text)
Freeze Panes

The above mentioned video tutorials will enable you to have the requisite Excel basic knowledge and skills and help you become more productive and efficient in your respective careers. We also provide intermediate excel training, online advanced excel training courses. Also check-out Excel Dashboards & Excel New Features courses added recently. We take pride in having provided cost effective, user friendly, consistent and high-quality online training to individuals and professionals across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.

Demo Video

Excel Basic training - Format Text Numbers Cells

Format Text Numbers Cells

In Excel, cell contents can be formatted in many...

Excel Basic training - Copy and Clear Format

Copy and Clear Format

Excel’s Format Painter feature to copy format is one...

Excel Basic training - Text Alignment Orientation

Text Alignment Orientation

In the Text Alignment Orientation video tutorials, you will...

Excel Basic training - AutoComplete


AutoComplete is a handy feature of Excel, which guesses...

Excel Basic training - AutoFill


Excel’s Autofill feature is used to enter data automatically....

Excel Basic training - Sorting


Sorting enables you to arrange the data according to...

Excel Basic training - Filtering


Filtering is used to analyse a data range and...

Excel Basic training - Tables


In Excel you can turn a range of cells...

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