Excel Dashboard Training

Ezee Training’s Excel Dashboards training helps you to make data more visually appealing and take more informed decisions by creating interactive, flexible and easy to design dashboards also known as executive or management reports.  

What do you get?

Excel Dashboards online video tutorials are short, to-the-point, and easy to understand. Spreadsheet examples used in the video tutorials are available for download to enable you to practice side by side. The videos have been recorded using Excel 2010 version. 

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Who needs Excel Dashboards training?

  • Management who need to perform incisive analysis and to get in-depth insight of the business
  • Managers who need to take more informed decisions based on quick analysis of key performance indicators
  • Users who need to make data more visually appealing

What you will learn?

With our Excel Dashboards video tutorials, you will be introduced to dashboards, its uses and advantages. You will get to learn the important design elements of dashboards. You will be able to create dashboards using various tools. You will be able to represent data in the form of Line, Bar, Column, Pie and Donut charts. You will also learn to create Gauge charts. You will be able to visualise values using Data Bars and draw comparison between two ranges using Comparison charts. You will learn to depict the values that are used over a period of time using Timeline charts. Lastly, you will learn to work with Macros in Dashboards.

Our Excel Dashboards training is divided in the following videos:-

What is a Dashboard?
Design & Layout
Line, Bar & Col charts
Pie & Donut Charts
Data Bars & Vlookups
Comparison Charts
Timeline Charts

With the above dashboards video tutorials, you will learn to create and design dashboards and make underlying data more visually appealing to get a superior overview of the business. We also provide Basic Excel Trainingintermediate excel trainingonline advanced excel training courses. We take pride in having provided cost effective, user friendly, consistent and high-quality online excel training to individuals and professionals across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.

Demo Video

Excel Dashboards training - Timeline Charts

Timeline Charts

Timeline Chart graphically depicts the values that are used...

Excel Dashboards training - Dashboard Macros

Dashboard Macros

In this tutorial you will learn to work with...

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