Intermediate Excel Training

Ezee Training helps you to advance your Excel skills one step further with its Intermediate Excel Training video tutorials.

What do you get with intermediate excel training?

Our Intermediate Excel training videos are simple and precise. In this section you get to master all the intermediate features of Excel which is recommended for an ‘Excel Basic’ user to learn, before moving on to Advanced Excel training tutorials.

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Who needs Intermediate excel training?

Those who already have a basic knowledge of Excel can start with our intermediate tutorials right away. For people who are entirely new to Excel, we recommend they start with our Basic Excel training tutorials first and proceed ahead with the Intermediate Excel training videos.

What will you learn?

In this section you will get ‘hands-on’ training through Excel Intermediate video tutorials and the knowledge gained can be used to organise and analyse basic business information. We have covered Excel features such as Naming cells and ranges where you will learn to use and create a reference name, Templates to simply repetitive tasks, Auditing to find and rectify errors, Data Validation to control data entry, Protecting Worksheets & Workbooks and Consolidate to summarise data. You will also get to learn features such as Conditional Formatting, Group/ Ungroup Data, Remove Duplicates, Date and Time Functions, Text Functions, Math Functions and Text to columns.

Intermediate Excel training is divided into the following video tutorials:-

Name Cells Ranges
Data Validation
Conditional Formatting
Group Ungroup Data
Outlines Subtotals
Removing Duplicate Data
Text to Columns
Text Functions
Math Functions
Date & Time Functions
Protecting Worksheets Workbooks

Having covered the above tutorials in Excel Intermediate, you will be ready to begin with our Advanced Excel training videos to attain the ultimate skills in Excel. We also provide basic excel training & advanced excel training courses. Also check-out Excel Dashboards & Excel New Features courses added recently. We take pride in having provided cost effective, user friendly, consistent and high-quality online training to individuals and professionals across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.

Demo Video

Excel Intermediate training - Consolidate


There are a number of ways to summarise data...

Excel Intermediate training - Text to Columns

Text to Columns

Excel’s Text to Columns feature helps you to separate...

Excel Intermediate training - Text Functions

Text Functions

Excel’s Text functions help you manage the text data...

Excel Intermediate training - Math Functions

Math Functions

MATH functions in Excel are used to perform commonly...

Excel Intermediate training - Date & Time Functions

Date & Time Functions

In Excel, the built-in DATE and TIME functions allow...

Excel Intermediate training - Protect Worksheets

Protect Worksheets

Excel provides methods to prevent users from modifying your...

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