Excel New Features Training

Excel 2013 comes with a host of new features that makes visualising and analysing data easier and quicker than ever before. Our Excel New Features video tutorials will help you stay up-to-date with the latest Excel 2013 features and take your Excel skills to the next level.

What do you get?

To-the-point and concise video tutorials always available online with unlimited access for self-paced learning per your convenience. You can download spreadsheet examples used in the video tutorials for self-practice. Excel New Features videos have been recorded using Excel 2013 version.

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Who needs Excel New Features training?

  • Users who want to keep their excel skills up-to-date
  • Managers who need to add a whole new level of depth and analysis to their data

What you will learn?

In Excel 2013, you will find that many of the excel centric functionalities such as analysing data, charting and generating pivot tables have become more user friendly. With new features such as Recommended Charts, users can now get a live view of a subset of chart types based on the selected data and accordingly make a choice. You can now create Pivot Tables with a click of the mouse using Recommended Pivot Tables feature. You can also use and analyse multiple tables in one Pivot Table. The Flash Fill feature reduces your dependence on Excel’s text-separating formulas and automatically detects data patterns and enters data that follows a recognizable pattern. You will learn to use Slicers to filter data on a Table and generate powerful reports using Power View feature. With the Quick Analysis tool, you can now quickly analyse data using some of Excel’s most useful features such as Formatting, Charts, Tables etc.  

Excel New Features training includes the following video tutorials:

Workbook Views
Inquire Add-on
Charts (New Features)
Pivot Tables (New Features)
Power Pivot
Flash Fill
Table Slicers
Quick Data Analysis
Power View
Save and Share Online

Excel New Features training will arm you with the requisite latest excel skills for quick decision making and help you stay ahead of the curve. We also provide Basic Excel Trainingintermediate excel training & online advanced excel training courses. We take pride in having provided cost effective, user friendly, consistent and high-quality online excel training to individuals and professionals across cities like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon etc.

Demo Video

Excel New Features training - Workbook Views

Workbook Views

In this video tutorial, you will learn about the...

Excel New Features training - Inquire Add-On

Inquire Add-On

In this video, you will see how to use...

Excel New Features training - Charts (New Features)

Charts (New Features)

In this video tutorial, you will learn to create...

Excel New Features training - Pivot Tables (New Features)

Pivot Tables (New Features)

In this video tutorial, you will learn to create...

Excel New Features training - Power Pivot

Power Pivot

Power Pivot is an Excel add-in that enables you...

Excel New Features training - Flash Fill

Flash Fill

Flash Fill feature automatically fills-in values within a column...

Excel New Features training - Table Slicers

Table Slicers

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use Slicers to...

Excel New Features training - Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis

The Quick Analysis tool of Excel 2013 helps users...

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