MS Project Training

Master MS Project and manage your projects more efficiently and successfully. In these video tutorials, our project management expert shows how to use Microsoft Project to schedule and manage both large and small size projects.

What do you get?

MS Project 2010 online video tutorials are short and precise for easy understanding. Examples used in the video tutorials are available for download for self-practice. The videos have been recorded using MS Project 2010 version. 

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Who needs MS Project training?

For managing small size to large size projects.
For managing time, tasks, people and resources effectively.

What you will learn?

With our MS Project 2010 video tutorials, you will learn about the following:

Creating & Saving Project
Setting Up Project Files
Working with Tasks
Creating Resources
Setting Resource Costs
Assigning Resources
Viewing & Modifying Resource Assignments
Using Team Planner
Working with Views
Sorting Grouping Filtering Tasks Assignments and Resources
Modifying Task Bars & Text Styles
Using Timeline View
Fine-Tuning the Project Schedule
Tracking and Managing Projects
Finding Schedule Cost Problems & Earned Value
Viewing and Sharing Project Information

With the above video tutorials, you will know the basics for setting up and managing a project using MS Project 2010.

Demo Video

MS Project training - Tracking & Managing Projects A

Tracking & Managing Projects...

Understanding baseline, scheduled, and actual values—Understanding the different values...

MS Project training - Tracking & Managing Projects B

Tracking & Managing Projects...

Using overtime—Everyone works overtime at some point, this video...

MS Project training - Finding Problems & Earned Value

Finding Problems & Earned...

Looking for schedule problems—Once a project is underway you...

MS Project training - Viewing & Sharing Project Information

Viewing & Sharing Project...

Viewing project status—Reviewing project status on a regular basis is...

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