What is E-Learning?

E-learning is defined as the use of electronic technology to support, enhance, or deliver learning or training. With e-learning you can provide a much richer and enhanced learning experience compared to the traditional classroom learning. E-learning with Ezee Training is "on demand" and overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties.

Advantages of e-learning with Ezee Training

  • Cost effective – On-the-job training through e-learning, for individuals or groups, is replacing in-person training sessions. Since e-learning can be done anywhere, it is more cost effective compared to doing traditional learning.
  • Flexible – With e-learning you can get education at the office, at home, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.
  • Personal Responsibility - e-learning encourages learners to take personal responsibility for their own learning. When learners succeed, it builds self-knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Convenient - Learners can easily fit e-learning into their busy schedule. e-learning enables learners to review information as often as they like, move forward and backward through the course at the pace they are comfortable with.
  • Increases Job Satisfaction –e-learning enables learners' access to training materials on the job and increases job satisfaction enormously. This also results in increased worker motivation and work performance.
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